Auditorium Lighting Design

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Auditorium Lighting Design
Created at: Sep 29, 2022
Application deadline: expired

About this application

Architect is looking at a lux level of 300 using Dali protocol. The central area of the auditorium will use surface lights housed inside bamboo or wooden fixtures. The front of the auditorim will be recessed downlights and the rear seating will have surface lights.

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  • Sports and leisure facilities

This form of support is needed

  • Support with a lighting design

Project details

Floor Space
6200 ft²
Ceiling height
not specified
Number of floors
not specified
Number of luminaires
not specified
Max. budget
not specified
Realisation time or period
Oct 5, 2022

Desired form of assistance

  • By phone, video call or e-mail


  • English
Communication in this languages are possible. The language to be used in the project must be agreed upon independently.



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Lighting Designer
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Jan 2022
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